Am I ready to be a mum?

Many women have started motherhood in less than ideal situations, yet have gone on to become wonderful mums to their children. Whether you currently believe that parenting is a viable option for you, there are a number of resources available to help you through the journey. Many of these can be accessed at Diamond Women’s Support:

  • We can help you access government financial assistance.
  • Link you to mother’s groups and playgroups in your area.
  • Help you look at childcare options if you are working or studying.
  • Assist you with options for accommodation.
  • Answer all the questions you may have, and we will be happy to work through them with you.

Mentorship Programs

Pregnancy represents a life transition. To help you through it to the very best of our ability, Diamond Women’s Support offers a mentorship program that allows you to be paired with another mum. The Mum to Mum mentorship program equips new and expecting mums with the knowledge they need to succeed in each season of motherhood.

Material Support

Our team knows that one of the most pressing questions from women who are unexpectedly pregnant is how they can afford a child. In order to show women under these circumstances that motherhood can be an option for them, we offer support in the form of donated goods. Our hope with these resources is to set you up for success as you begin the parenting journey, should that be the option you choose.

At Diamond Women’s Support, we are here for you and with you every step of the way. Discussing the options you have regarding your unexpected pregnancy in a supportive, judgment-free environment is simple: just schedule an appointment with us today.