Thinking about adoption?

There are hundreds of couples and families waiting to adopt children in Australia, while very few are given for adoption each year. Adoption can seem like an impossible choice for many women. For some, it is because adoption carries a negative connotation due to the way it was conducted many years ago. For others, it’s because they can’t imagine what the process would feel like.

Could adoption be right for me?

In many situations, adoption can be a very selfless and courageous decision to make for your unexpected pregnancy. There is a lot of support available to help you throughout the adoption process. It might be right for you if any of the following are true:

  • You aren’t ready to be a parent but do not want to have an abortion
  • You’re still in school and aren’t mature enough to parent
  • You aren’t financially able to support a child
  • You don’t have the proper support system for raising a child

What is the adoption process like?

Today’s adoption process is vastly different from what it used to be. You can now choose if you’d like to play an active role in the life of your child, or you can choose to remain anonymous until he or she is an adult. The birth parents are heavily involved in the selection of the adoptive family, and the final decision is not legally made until after birth.

I’m considering adoption, who should I talk to?

Diamond Women’s Support can put you in touch with adoption consultants who are able to walk you through the details if you are considering adoption.

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, you have options. Diamond Women’s Support is here to encourage you through this process and provide you with information on each of the options, so you can make the empowering decision that’s right for you. Book an appointment for Options Counselling today.