What should I know about abortion?

In the NSW, abortion is an option available to you if you are facing unexpected pregnancy. At Diamond Women’s Support, we see women with a variety of opinions and feelings about abortion. It’s important that you are able to answer a few questions about your body and your health prior to an abortion procedure.

Am I really pregnant?

As many as 1 in 5 recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage, so it is important that you confirm your pregnancy with your GP or Family Doctor. This can be done with a blood or urine test prior to scheduling an abortion procedure. Even if you have taken a home pregnancy test or are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, neither of those are official, medically recognized confirmations of pregnancy.

How far along am I?

Having an ultrasound procedure is important prior to an abortion. An ultrasound will show you how many weeks along you are, which determines the abortion procedures that are options for you. The ultrasound will also detect a fetal heartbeat and determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal and should be treated immediately.

Do I really have other options?

Depending on financial, emotional, or other circumstances, you may feel as though you have no option other than abortion. Many women who go through with an abortion come to regret the decision for years afterward. Regardless if they felt pressured into it or trapped by their situation at the time. It is important that you understand each of your options so that your decision is an empowering one for you.

No matter what, Diamond Women’s Support is with you every step of the way. Be informed about your body, your health, and your options before making your decision. Schedule an appointment to meet with a member of our licensed staff for counselling beforehand. It’s easy, free, and your best step forward in the decision-making process.