Mentorship Programmes

In addition to receiving personal counselling and care, we believe each mother should have a supportive network around her. What is a network without friends? Diamond Women’s Support brings to you the Mum to Mum Program, equipping new, young mums with the information they need to succeed in every season they are in.

Being a first-time mother can be scary, and lonely. You might find yourself thinking that you are in a unique position, and that no one else has been where you are, or that no one is able to help.

Mum to Mum

The aim of the mum to mum programme is to show you that you are not alone, and you will always have someone to help you. By entering the programme, you will be matched with one of our volunteers, who is an experienced mum. Our mentors will be able to meet you up with you, either for a relaxed catch up over coffee or because you just need someone to talk to. Our mentors come from such diverse backgrounds and experiences, that we are sure at least one of them will understand exactly what you are going through.

But why stop at one friend, when you can build a whole village around you?

Included in this programme is the opportunity to meet many other mums, at our monthly mothers group. Each month, Diamond hosts a mothers group that invites all of the clients and their children. Each month is different, as we invite guest speakers to give talks on various relevant topics that you may be struggling with such as breastfeeding, nutrition, and post-natal depression.

For more information on the mum to mum programme, and registering, please contact Diamond Women’s Support today.