What is your role?

If you and your partner are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, it’s not unusual to have a lot of questions, like:

  • What should I do now?
  • Would adoption be a good option for us?
  • Is abortion the best option?
  • Could I make a good father?
  • Does my opinion even matter right now?

When it comes to an unexpected pregnancy, women are often the focus of the conversation. While it’s understandable, it does not mean that your thoughts and opinions are not important. They matter, and it’s important that the two of you work together to navigate your next steps.

You’re a source of trust

Many women consider their partners to be trustworthy and someone they can lean on. This does not mean there won’t be moments when you are uncomfortable. Unexpected pregnancy brings uneasiness and awkwardness to the table, especially at first. Eventually, most men do realize the role they have and that their opinions matter in the decision-making process.

Your involvement makes a difference

The two most important things you can do is listen and communicate. You are both likely feeling afraid, uncertain, and overwhelmed. When you discuss the pregnancy with one another, give each other the time to speak, and then share your thoughts honestly. The decision made will affect both of you, so it’s important you each feel understood and supported.

Need to talk?

The staff at Diamond Women’s Support knows that men are often left out of the conversation when it comes to unexpected pregnancy. If you’re struggling with what to do next or how you can make your thoughts known, schedule an appointment for a free session with one of our licensed counsellors. We can help by providing more information about the options, as well as assist in mediating some of the more difficult conversations between you and your partner.